Plattform för Konst

Centered around a new train station in the Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö, this project focused on amplifying the marginalized voices of young girls. We collaborated with Amiralsstaden, a group of architects and city planners, Tjejer i Förening, an after-school girls’ group.

With these groups, we developed a monoprinting workshop with single-word prompts like “movement” or “strangers” to spark conversations about what the new transit meant for children in this neighborhood that is historically cut off from the rest of the city.

We then exhibited these monoprints on the opening day of the train station in order to foster conversations with adults in the neighborhood. Through this we found out about rent hikes, worry, and mistrust from people living nearby. At the same time we also heard about the everyday benefits of having expanded transit.

Using findings from our workshops with the children and conversations on opening day, we compiled a small qualitative report that we gave back to our collaborators.